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Putting for pelicans? Driving for deer? Chipping for chirpers? It's all happening at Golf Gone Wild, May 18th at St. James Bay Golf Resort. Registration deadline is May 15 - see more details in this brochure.


8:00 AM -- Registration starts; continental breakfast; range open
9:30 AM -- Registration closes
9:45 AM -- Players' meeting
10:00 AM -- Shotgun start!
2:30 PM -- Golf Gone Wild bar open in Fountain Room
3:00 PM -- Scoring and awards ceremony

Come out for a great day of golf and raising funds for FWMA!


Show your love and support for wildlife by ordering your 2013 FWMA t-shirt! This black t-shirt features the FWMA logo in white on the left chest, and a stunning photo of an adorable raccoon on the back, generously provided by Carole Robertson (www.robertsonartgallery.com/).

To order your shirt and support the animals, please use the order for below and mail it and your check, payable to Florida Wild Mammal Association, 198 Edgar Poole Road, Crawfordville, Florida 32327. If you'd like to pay with credit, debit or bank account, you can use the the Paypal button farther down on this page to order. Once you send your Paypal payment, please use your Paypal email address to contact Chris at choppaotta@aol.com and share your order details, size, etc. with her. Using the same email address for Paypal and for contacting Chris will help her match your payment and order and avoid delays in getting your t-shirt mailed to you.

Download the FWMA t-shirt order form.


We're excited to have an ad airing to help get the word out about FWMA and the animals that need your help. Please share it with your friends!


Catch up on the latest goings on this spring at FWMA!


For the first time last year, we put our Donor Tree online here on the site so everyone could find their name on the tree with ease. It was such a big success, we had to make an overflow tree and we just kept adding to it all through 2012. If you missed them, here's a look:

The 2011 Christmas Tree

The 2011-2012 "Overflow" Tree

Here's the 2012 Christmas Tree - and although Christmas is over, names are still pouring in and our tree is loaded with leaves. It's never too late to get your Donor Leaf!

The 2012 Christmas Donor Tree


Tropical Storm Debby left her mark on our flight pen and it needs repair. We have an an opportunity to get the repairs made, but need some donations or sponsorship to raise half the money for the supplies. Please read more and help if you can - the details are on our Flight Pen page.


If you are interested, here is some info and a few guidelines:

  1. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST BE 16 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, unless accompanied by an adult family member the whole time they are here. Please do not bring children here under the age of 16 and drop them off to work; we appreciate your good intentions, but working around wild animals can be very dangerous, and we do not have enough adult volunteers on site to watch over young children and keep them safe.
  2. New volunteers can show up to work any day of the week from 8:00 AM until noon; once trained, they can come whenever they want during regular working hours, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  3. Duties for indoor volunteers will include (but not limited to): chopping of fruits and vegetables; preparing fish for pelicans; preparing diets for song birds, raccoons and possums; unfolding newspapers; feeding baby birds (this job requires special training); sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, and general cleaning chores.
  4. Outside volunteer positions are also available. Please keep in mind that mosquitoes are a real problem right now thanks to the standing water left by Tropical Storm Debby. Duties will include (but not limited to): raking, cleaning and bleaching outdoor habitats, and feeding the animals in those habitats. These are strenuous activities in a very hot environment and are recommended only for those in very good physical condition.
  5. Please wear appropriate clothing (something you don't mind getting VERY dirty) and good non-slip shoes.
  6. Volunteers should be prepared to stand for long periods, work in a noisy environment, and deal with the odor created by fish-eating birds.

We thank everyone who volunteers with us. It takes a special kind of person to jump on board and we appreciate all of you!


FWMA would like to thank the Tallahassee Democrat for their excellent article and photographs in the Sunday, July 8th edition (Local Section, front page!) about the impact of Tropical Storm Debby on our wildlife and our center. Locating the birds and animals in need of help, transporting them to our center, taking care of them, and finding other centers to house and care for those in stable condition was a MASSIVE group effort. There are so many people who provided valuable assistance and should be recognized. We would like to thank everyone who jumped in to help during this crisis. We could never have done it without you!

First and foremost, we'd like to thank Noni Beck at Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Tallahassee. Noni, busy with her own wildlife rehab center at the busiest time of year (baby season), knew that FWMA would be overwhelmed during this storm, and found the time to contact other wildlife rehab centers to make arrangements to transport the birds that were stable and could be housed elsewhere. She also arranged and provided most of the transportation for these birds from FWMA to these centers....some went as far away as Miami. Without her assistance, we would certainly have failed. Please support Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary -- visit their website at www.goosecreekwildlifesanctuary.org.

Over 90 animals have arrived for care and treatment at FWMA in the last two weeks due to the impact of Tropical Storm Debby.

  • 18 baby pelicans were transported to The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida in Pensacola -- thank you, Dorothy Kauffman.
  • 23 baby pelicans were transported to Florida Wildlife Hospital in Melbourne -- thank you, Sue Small.
  • 6 baby pelicans were transported to Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami -- thank you, Brian Fox.
  • 2 loons and a Bonaparte gull were transported to Homosassa Springs Wildlife -- thank you, Susan Lowe.

FWMA still has 7 baby pelicans and 5 adults, plus an assortment of other creatures that came in from the storm. Add those new patients to the many who were already here, especially at the height of baby season, and you can see that FWMA is unbelievably busy trying to save all of these birds and animals.

We would also like to thank our awesome, devoted FWMA staff -- Tina, Adrian, Josh, and Dylan -- for going beyond the call of duty and staying way past overtime to make sure everyone got cleaned and fed.

A huge thank you to Jon Johnson, who coordinated the rescue effort of the baby pelicans washed out of their rookery near the Lanark Village/Carrabelle area. Numerous volunteers helped Jon; unfortunately, we do not have all of their names. We do know that Robin Ruby, Jess Beatty, Jeff True, Rod Gasche and Ann Durham participated in Jon's baby pelican rescue during horrific storm conditions to find these babies, safely catch them, and transport them to our center for evaluation, treatment and care.

And, of course, all the other VOLUNTEERS! It was heartwarming to see these kind-hearted, dedicated people jump in to help when the need arose, and there is no way these birds and animals would still be alive without you. We are just so incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers who came to our aid. Sending an ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who played a role. Just as important as those who performed the rescues are those who have done 25 loads of laundry a day since the storm, those who have come in to help every day after a long day at work, the vet and staff who spent entire days in surgery, etc. Just one heck of a job by every single one of you, including:

  • Corey Lee, who provided local wildlife rescues
  • Karla Brandt, who collected donations of much-needed sheets, towels and newspapers
  • Gretchen Hobby, who brought in fresh newspapers so that they could be changed frequently to keep the babies clean
  • Robin Ruby, who provided additional assistance in all areas besides having a full-time job
  • Dr. Guhrt at the Crawfordville Animal Hospital, who performed all the surgeries needed in the injured birds and animals
  • Dr. Fulmer at Apalachicola Bay Animal Clinic in Eastpoint, who stabilized animals brought in from Franklin County prior to their transport to us
  • Erik Lovestrand, who transported birds and animals from Franklin County to Wakulla County almost daily
  • Gigi Cavallaro and Daphne (our apologies to Daphne, we don't have her last name), who took over feeding the baby birds who were already here (and need to be fed every 15-20 minutes during daylight hours) so that we could tend to all the incoming patients
  • Jessica Beatty, who went on the initial rescue during the height of the storm
  • Jeff True, who also provided more sheets
  • Gill Hepple, who kept up with our paperwork, paying bills and keeping records
  • Shirley Hanifin, for keeping us in needed supplies
  • Melissa Starbuck, who kept our Facebook page up and running with all the latest needs and situation updates (while her power, telephone and internet connection came and went - as did ours)
  • The Batchelor Foundation, Inc., and many other generous donors, for funding this emergency undertaking

FWMA is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. We receive no county, state, or federal funds. We rely 100% on volunteers, donations and grants. We have been caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Wakulla County (and several surrounding counties that do not have wildlife rehab centers) since 1994.

Again, thank you to everyone who dove in to help us with this emergency. Did we mention we could not have done it without each and every single one of you? These animals all have a second chance because of your passion and your assistance. They appreciate you, and we appreciate you! Such a WONDERFUL group of people, and we are so blessed to have you when we need you.

More about FWMA

Who We Are:

The Florida Wild Mammal Association (FWMA) was established in 1994 to rescue, rehabilitate, and release the sick, injured and orphaned wildlife in Wakulla and the surrounding counties. The other main focus has been public education on wildlife issues.

FWMA has:

  • Rescued over 10,000 mammals, birds and reptiles, 791 in 2012. (See more about 2012 animal counts.)

  • Served Wakulla, Franklin, Taylor,Jefferson, Leon, Citrus and Hillsborough counties.

  • Been supported 100% by donations and grants.

  • Been a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

  • Offered ongoing educational demonstrations for local schools.



You can send a tax-deductible donation to Florida Wild Mammal Association, 198 Edgar Poole Road, Crawfordville, Florida 32327, or use the Paypal button below to make an instant donation.


Donate Materials to FWMA

If you can make a material donation to help FWMA, we always need:

  • bleach

  • paper towels

  • fruit cocktail

  • birdseed & nuts

  • pelican fish (pinfish, finger mullet, thread herring, butterfish)

  • fresh fruit & vegetables

  • Pedigree wet & dry dog food

  • Friskies wet & dry cat food

  • Dawn dish liquid

  • gift cards from local grocers to give FWMA flexibility in purchasing when needed items are not on hand.


Learn more about FWMA's Upcoming Events.

Blogs: Judy Cooke, a dedicated volunteer with a love of wildlife and photography, has two blogs featuring an interesting photographic journal of her work at FWMA. Enjoy her journey and learn a lot about several rehabilitation cases. See her photos and commentary at: